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Unity Homes Celebrates 50 Golden Years

 June, Unity Homes, Inc. marked a monumental 50-year journey. The grand celebration took place on August 13th, surrounded by our beloved residents and dedicated staff. A mix of current and former members from EBMC graced the occasion, with prominent figures like Maureen Stroub, Bill Johnston, and Laurie Kidd joining in at the Southeast Community Center to reminisce and share heartwarming tales from the past.

Neisha Case, the devoted daughter of Phyllis Freeman, alongside the diligent Raylina Joseph, were the driving forces behind the celebration's success. Their combined passion, dedication, and tireless efforts ensured that the event was not only memorable but also a true reflection of Unity Homes, Inc.'s spirit of community and achievement.

 A special highlight of the event was the musical magic cast by All N2 Muzik Productions. Their tunes had everyone from residents to staff swaying, clapping, and dancing, rekindling the spirit of Unity Homes. This lively atmosphere was complemented by the DJ music spun by Darrell Dillard, adding a touch of modern revelry to the nostalgic celebration.

The buffet dinner, paired with exquisite decorations, set the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of gratitude. Throughout the event, attendees were treated to a slide show and a captivating historical video. Sourced from five TV news reports from CBS affiliate, Channel 5, this video unraveled the fascinating tale of Unity Homes. Attendees were captivated by the story of how the community rallied together, transforming vermin-infested old Navy barracks into safe and affordable housing. The saga of Unity Homes' genesis and growth is not just about buildings but the power of a community united in purpose.

Amid the celebrations, the afternoon was also a moment of acknowledgment and appreciation. Special commendations were presented to our esteemed members and officers of the Board of Directors, recognizing their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions over the years. Board President, Derrell Whitley is accepting his award.

Phyllis Freeman, our Operations Manager, also received multiple awards for her decades of service. A standout moment was the presentation of a hefty blown glass award from Unity Homes by Rob Brown, CTO, and with a little assistance from Dr. Sherry Brown, CLO/Controller – a light-hearted moment that underscored the close-knit nature of our community.

Not to be forgotten, a special award was presented to Annie Skinner, a resident who's been with us since the very beginning in 1973. Her journey parallels that of Unity Homes, standing as a testament to the enduring spirit of our community.

As we reflect on the past 50 years, we're filled with gratitude for every hand that built Unity Homes and every heart that called it home.

Here's to the next chapter of community, commitment, and growth.

Unity Homes, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Housing Provider.

Unity Homes Team

UHI staff_edited.jpg

Front row from left: Phyllis Freeman, Operations Manager; Dr. Sherry Brown, CLO/Controller. Back row from left: Victor Sanchez, Maintenance Tech; Rob Brown, Chief Technology Officer; Raylina Joseph, Executive Administrator, Fidel Sanchez, Senior Maintenance Technician; Darrell Dillard, Compliance/Resident Relations Administrator.


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